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WomanPower: Poem – “Never far from home”

25 Apr

I remember picnic days
barefoot on grass,
rolling over an adder’s hole,
seeing it slither out,
a swirl of threat,
then laughing, knowing
how to keep myself safe.

Another time, swimming
in the sea swell,
not too deep, splashing
suddenly stepping off
a shelf, plunging down and down
till bobbing up again,
chest heaving, eyes bulging.

Years ahead, walking
through a wood,
a friend reciting names
of every tree, every flower;
me remembering
childhood knowing
from living close to earth.

Nature smells and sounds
evoke like nothing else,
memories of other times,
more awkward moments,
some rushed escapes,
to find solemnity, solitude,
a little soul silence.

I have travelled
these many years
through inner caves,
tunnels, where my heart
has followed echoes,
hidden footprints, snowy
tracks, grasses frozen in ice.

Often, absorbed by wound cleaning;
in pain, with care, longing
for the signs of strange growth,
my plaintive spirit
missed the freshening air;
the coming of Spring
in the midst of winter cold.